Garment Care

Great lingerie is beautiful and it’s important to care for it properly  to keep it looking that way for years to come. 

Follow our steps for washing fine lace and delicate intimates:

Your bras and panties should preferably be washed gently by hand. Hand-washing is the safest and best way for washing bras with fine lace. You have the choice to let the garments soak in cool to warm water for 30 minutes. Gently hand wash them and hang or lay flat to dry.  

If time is of the essence, which it is for many of us intimates can be machine cold washed through delicate washing machine cycle. Wash with like colors only. To prevent tearing and snagging, place your lingerie in a washing bag and load the washing machine with your preferred detergent. 

Whether washing by hand or using a washing machine, never place your lingerie in the dryer, it will stretch or shrink the fabric and lose its natural shape.


With these instructions, your lingerie will always have the perfect fit.