The Brand

How It Started

It all began with a few rough sketches in a notebook, but little did I know it would lead to the creation of Pigalle. I set out on a mission to find high-quality, ethical intimates with a European aesthetic and delicate laces, without breaking the bank. However, as I searched the streets of Toronto Canada, I realized that such a product didn't exist. Determined to fill this gap in the market, I spent hours researching and seeking out sustainable, irresistible textiles and high ethical manufacturing standards. And despite the challenges of a global pandemic, Pigalle was born, introducing its first Les Fleurs Collection.

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The Art of New Luxury

Designed by a woman, Pigalle is proudly committed to having high ethical standards and sustainable practices. All our pieces are made to awaken your feminine energy and stimulate your senses. 

What is New Luxury?

We are redefining Luxury by taking the ‘sexy’ of traditional lingerie with a modern twist. All of our products go through a lengthy and environmentally conscious design process; everything from fabrics to cuts and colour dyes. 

Our chosen fabrics are sustainable and luxurious. Les Fleurs Collection features 100% green textiles from the latest yarn production innovations from Milan, Italy. Stretch lace is produced with GRS certified sustainable yarn part of the ROICA Eco-Smart Family. It is the latest new standard in sustainable fashion worldwide. This technology delivers quality, comfort and beauty. 

Pigalle is dedicated in the search of the best sustainable fabrics and materials and being transparent about our choices. Every component  of each Pigalle piece is OEKO-TEX certified. What does OEKO-TEX mean? It’s a big of umbrella of things, but we are making sure what goes against your skin is free of toxins and harmful chemicals. 

Each piece is beautifully made in Canada with European fabrics. Luxury quality can felt and seen in our designs. We build strong relationships with European textile mills along with our manufacturing facility in Canada. No agents or middle man, our promise is to deliver the best price tag.

Our Collection is a tribute to the Pigalle woman. She is strong, sensual, aware of her power and driven by her dreams. A story of beautiful women.